Mystery Pack

Mystery Pack

  • $ 30.00

Hooray!  Everyone's Favorite Mystery Packs are back!

This little package of wonder contains at least $60 worth of product for just $30!  Inside you'll find at least one piece of Honey and the Hive drinkware, as well as assortment pins, prints, stationery, or other Honey and the Hive goodies. 

Inside you'll find a surprise assortment of products pulled straight from the shelves meaning they're in perfect condition, ready for your enjoyment (or to be gifted to your best pal!) You may find discontinued items, holiday items, and last chance pieces that are in low stock! You my friend have the opportunity to get your hands on the most awesome gift you can treat yourself to, a big ol magical surprise filled to the brim with fun goodies.

Because of the nature of these items (they're a surprise!) mystery packs are final sale!